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What We Do

How Do I Join?

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At CrossFit Wrexham our mission is to “create a welcoming and supportive environment for athletes of all ages and abilities to achieve their goals together.”

Here are the five pillars of training at CrossFit Wrexham explained.


Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or give yourself a new challenge. Our coaches are experts at what they do and love to help.           


You’ll have your own coach and mentor during your time at CrossFit Wrexham, to help you settle in and get the most out of training here.                

all abilities

The nature of CrossFit means that people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities are able to train together.                                                                        


We know getting started can be intimidating, our fundamentals programme helps you graduate to group classes safely and confidently.

Have Fun

Fitness can be fun! Our community and constantly varied workouts will keep you excited about coming to the gym.                                          

what is crossfit?

Constantly Varied

Life is not routine. Your training should not be either. By changing the workout on a daily basis we are preparing you for anything life may throw at you.

Functional Movement

Movements that are seen in every day life. Squatting is standing up from sitting. Deadlifting is picking an object up from the floor.

High Intensity

Whatever you want from exercise comes faster with intensity. Do more work in less time (without overdoing it) and the fitter you’ll get.

Broad Modal Domains

Running, rowing, lifting, jumping and throwing are all examples of different modal domains.

Broad Time Domains

Broad time domains refer to the length of duration of effort. Whether that be five seconds, five minutes or one hour.

( work = force x distance )

Crossfit Classes

43 Classes

We have classes 7 days a week, from early morning to late evening. You can book into any at your convenience.

60 Minutes

All classes last exactly one hour and consist of a warm up, skill or strength session and high intensity WOD.

Small Groups

We have a max ratio of 1 coach to 15 in a class, although most classes have 1 coach to 10 athletes.

Just Turn Up

We plan the classes and make sure you have the right kit so all you have to do is turn up and enjoy yourself!

Meet the Owner

Watch the video below to find out how Paul started CrossFit and why he wanted to bring CrossFit to Wrexham.

How Do I Join?

To find out more and book your FREE intro session click below.

CrossFit Wrexham